1-day-old quails

Japan quails have brown feathers with two black stripes running along the back. The offspring are strong, hairy without dry leg skin and no defects. The parents get vaccinated. After hatching, the offspring are selected again and then transported to farm systems.

3-week-old quails

Quails are warmed, vaccinated against CRD, cholera, coccus, etc. After approximately 18 days, the farms begin choose because it is now easy to distinguish female quails and male ones. After 21 days, quails reach 80g – 90g each individual with smooth feather and no disease, they will be selected to give to farms to be raised for eggs.


Scrambled quail eggs

Scrambled quail eggs are too familiar to everyone and are always the best choice of housewives to bring delicious meals to the family. Quail eggs are not only food to eat and enjoy but they are also a precious medicine.

Half-hatched quail eggs

Quail meat is named as animal ginseng and people have also tested that quail eggs are more nutritious than duck, chicken eggs. Especially, half-hatched quail eggs are even more wonderful.


White male quail meat

The product is made from quail raw meat by treatment with water. White quail meat is suitable for making fried foods, giving the dishes an eye-catching color.

Red male quail meat

Raw quail meat will have the natural pink color of the quail skin after heat treatment. Red meat is suitable for making roasted, grilled foods.

Female quail meat

Female quail meat has delicious taste and is tough. Female quail have young eggs if reaching approximately 160g or more in weight. Female quail meat is suitable for making soup, roast.


Well-nourished quail meat

It’s meat of male quails nourished with female quails for eggs. If you like female quails for young eggs, well-nourished quail meat is a perfect choice for those who like muscle meat.

Sparrow quail meat

If you are craving a fried crispy sparrow and of course you can’t hunt a flock of sparrows to eat. Sparrow quail meat is also delicious as well!