The quail (also known as the spotted sparrow) is a common name for some medium-sized birds in the Phasianidae or the Odontophoridae (New world America) of the same order.

The quail is flying birds. They have short, rounded wings so they poorly fly. These birds have strong, big legs and blunt nails. Birds’ beak is short, adaptable to scratching soil for food. The male is colorful, especially in the mating season. Young hatched birds are covered with hair and are strong.

Some quails are domesticated and farmed in large numbers for meat and eggs.

Currently, there are

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many varieties of quail fed in Vietnam such as Pharaoh quail, Virginia quail (USA), British quail, etc. The varieties of quail bred in the market are mainly Japanese quail for high meat

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and egg production, long exploitation, high disease resistance with female quails laying approximately 300 eggs per year.



Quail meat and quail

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with other animal products, quail products’ whole-body tonic effects are more predominant than local tonic effects.

  1. Exert antipyretic effect on people with high blood fat, obesity, angiosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, old age forgetfulness
  2. Fortify spleen, kidney, have mental tranquility
  3. Fortify spleen, reduce fat, nourish skin, support appetite and sleep.
  4. Supplement kidney, reduce back pain, tiredness and strengthen teeth.


Hoang Vinh quail meets each Customer need


Hoang Vinh quail facility

Hoang Vinh facility was formerly known as Phoenix quail facility, established in 1990. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the field of breed quail, freshly prepared quail and quail eggs. Our products are distributed nationwide. We always try to bring customers satisfaction.

We have a closed production process from farms to slaughterhouses to create products that meet the needs of each customer. With more than 100 large and small farms, we provide the market with abundant products each year and are one of the leading breeders in the south.

We constantly strive to provide the cleanest products meeting food hygiene and safety and quality standards. Because the trust of our customers is our success.

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